The main question asked at competitions and public events is where one can swing.  Unfortunately, the instructors are not currently able to answer that question, because there are not many safe places to recommend. As a result, the interested person’s excitement wears off, kiiking loses a potential swinger/competitor and the owner of the swing loses a client. The aim of the approval is to ensure the technical safety of the swings and the competence of the instructors serving people interested in kiiking.

Why you should do it?

  • We will increase the number of people interested in kiiking;
  • We will increase the availability of the service while also directing people to swings that are not currently used;
  • Your kiiking location will be marked on a map on the federation website, which makes you more noticeable;
  • Instructors will be able to direct interested parties to you;
  • You will become more trustworthy, as the location is examined and approved and your instructors deemed capable;
  • People will feel safe about the kiiking location.