Main rules of the competitions:

  • Kiiking competitions can be held both indoors and outdoors.
  • Kiiking competitions are open to all interested parties
  •  Before competing, one must register to the competition pursuant to the competition guidelines.
  •  If several competitors have the same starting length, the competitor who registered their attempt first will swing first.
  • Each competitor is entitled to up to five attempts. A successful attempt is a prerequisite for qualifying for the next attempt.
  • In kiiking, the competitor who makes a full circle with greater shaft length is considered better. If shaft lengths are equal, the competitor who achieved the result first is considered better.

Competitor is obliged to:

  • Go to the designated competition swing in competition clothing (i.e. without
    warm-up tracksuit) within one minute after being called to an attempt.
  • Be sober and responsible for their health condition.
  • Wear proper sports clothing.
  • Register the next shaft length with the referee within the maximum of 10
    minutes after a successful attempt.

Competitor has the right to:

  • Contest the activities of the competition organiser, referee or swing attendant if
    they find that their rights have been violated or they have been treated unfairly compared to other competitors.
  • Receive another attempt at the same shaft length if swinging was interrupted due to a technical fault.
  • Rest for at least 10 minutes between two attempts (including an interrupted attempt).
  • Receive information on the progress of competition, including the shaft lengths marked for the other competitors’ next attempts.

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