Once again the Estonian Kiiking Association is organizing a small kiiking camp. There you can have a good time with friends and relax sportily. We go swimming, swing and do other great things. For staying overnight you can stay inside the house or you can bring your own tent.
In any case your own sleeping bag / bed linen etc. is needed.

This time we are in Viskla külakeskus 9-11 July 2021.
You are welcome for one day or for all the days – as it suits you best. 🙂

For one day we charge 20 € per participant. For payment we issue an invoice.
The price includes a hot lunch for everyone (for children also breakfast and dinner). If registration is done later than 6 July, then catering can be just a bit complicated.

In case of any questions feel free to contact us.
Ants Tamme, kontakt@kiiking.ee, +372 5211885.

Incase you want to participate fill the following form. 🙂

    I assure the submitted information is accurate and correct and I understand that the registration is accepted only after the invoice has been paid.