• Swinging is one of the oldest forms of entertainment for many nations.
  • Main reason why kiiking is close to Estonians’ hearts is that our great-great-great grandparents very likely met each other on a swing—this is where we began.
  • Swings have brought Estonians together for centuries.

What is kiiking?

  • Kiiking – sport invented and promoted in Estonia, which involves a person making a swing gain increasingly more momentum.
  • Goal – pass over the spindle with the longest shafts possible.
  • Specific squatting technique – differs from regular swinging methods.
  • Swinger’s hands and feet are fastened to the shafts and the seat using special straps.

When was it invented?

  • First kiiking swing – Ado Kosk (1993)
  • First modern kiiking swing (adjustable shafts) – 1996
  • Three models of swings, maximum shaft height 8m.

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