Organization History

  • Founded – August 26, 1999
  • By the representative of SC Vabariigi Võllimees Rein Lepiku, the representative of SC Väike-Maarja Võllimees Raigo Valmsen, the representative of SC Julged Jüri Murumägi, the representative of FIE Valma Tamme talu Tarmo Männigo and the representative of FIE Ado Kosk Ado Kosk.
  • First chairman of the federation – Jüri Murumägi.

  • 23 March, 2000 – became member of Estonian Sports Federation.
  • In the same year, Estonian Olympic Committee joined Estonian Sports Federation and thus Estonian Kiiking Federation became a full member of EOC.


  • In 2003, EOC laid down the requirements for a sport for joining the committee, which Estonian Kiiking Federation unfortunately could not fulfil.
  • April 27, 2006 – the federation stopped being a member of EOC.